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Two Wheels. One Mission.

All is GOOD's Delivery for GOOD.

We're at it again.....CROWDFUNDING! Which means all our lovely pledgers can have another account...whoo hoo! Just in time for Christmas. Why?

We want to raise £7k to purchase an electric assisted push bike from our neighbours Cycle Works Yorkshire. By doing this, we can provide free local deliveries without negatively impacting the environment and create one new job.

We are asking our customers to pledge donations, which will be fully redeemable against future purchases, alongside bonus rewards.

As a sustainable business, we must ensure we minimise our own environmental impact. So, when we were looking at how to reach more customers, a push bike delivery scheme made perfect sense. Well….it would have if we didn’t have hills……

The solution was brought to us by a neighbouring business, Cycle Works Yorkshire, who have sourced an electric assisted push bike, designed specifically for sustainable deliveries.

Why Deliver?

All is Good is located on a hill, slightly off the main high street. In the two years we’ve been open, the biggest obstacle we’ve encountered has been accessibility. Some of our less mobile customers struggle to navigate the hill and workers looking for a quick lunch or coffee, don’t have time to walk up (or down) to us. Additionally, busy lives sometimes means customers just don’t have time to come instore to do their refills.

Our plan is to provide deliveries. We'll offer a regular lunch service alongside scheduled area deliveries throughout the week. Our radius will be determined by several factors, including the weather and how many Weetabix our delivery guy had.

The Wins

Helping us to raise capital to purchase this bike means:

· your money will go back into the immediate economy, as are purchasing from another local business.

· you will help to create one new job.

· you will help in our mission to be Net Zero by 2045

· you can have hot steamy jacket spuds delivered to your door

How we will spend the money

Our campaign to raise £7k will pay for the purchase of the bike, branding, delivery baskets, platform fees and insurance

Going for Gold

If we are lucky enough to exceed our target, we will purchase a nut butter machine. This means we can offer the freshly ground refill nut butters we know you want!


As before, your pledge payment goes into your All is GOOD customer account, to spend on whatever you want, whenever you want (from the moment you pledge). As a thank you for pledges over £10, we will uplift the value on your account by 10%. So if you've pledged £50, your account value will be £55! You can even create pledge gifts for perfect Christmas pressies for those you find difficult to buy for!

How to Pledge

To pledge you can either pop into the shop or we can send you a secure link via text or email. Or simply click below, to email - making sure you give us your telephone number for your pledge payment.

Our Two Wheels One Mission Campaign will run from Tuesday 21st Nov until Sun 31st Dec. If we fail to hit our campaign target of £7k, pledges will be returned to customers, minus any account transactions.

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