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Filthy Goodness

all is GOOD believe being GOOD is not always about being GOOD.

Nah...our being GOOD involves GOOD decisions.

Like 'making the calories count' and 'everything in moderation'.

Being GOOD is about giving yourself permission to indulge in disgraceful treats.

all is GOOD cakes and desserts are a mix of our own filthy creations, which fall into the 'this aint gonna be pretty' food porn category and local supplier delights, which are a bit neater around the edges.

Don't ever expect all is GOOD cakes and desserts to be identical. We don't do conformity. Life's too short.

Here's a taster of what's to come.

This is a whalloping, gurt (adjective 1.very large; great) choc chip cookie cheesecake pie.

Yeah we do that too.

Stick everything you love into one pud.

I mean who says we can't have it all? Take that pudding rule book and wang it in the bin folks.....all is GOOD is in town.

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