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The New Year @all is GOOD

For many businesses the New Year offers an opportunity to jump all over exploiting a whole ‘new you’. You know the drill. Buy this miracle health food…buy that super cream…to look and feel a-maa-zing. Coming off the back of gorging on anything remotely chocolatey, cheesy or alcoholic (whilst sitting firmly on our arses), it’s easy to fall for the dream.

New Years resolutions are really not my thing. Over the years, I’ve grown to realise that setting myself up with unachievable goals I’m likely to fail, does nothing for my mental health. In fact, they make me thoroughly miserable and frankly, not a nice person to live with.

I’m not saying I don’t like New Year. I actually really love it, but these days it’s more about resetting my mindset and using the fresh new start to remember that good health also includes being mentally fit.

So let’s talk all is GOOD. We’re not about to shove any miracle products under your nose, suggest you starve yourself, drink some weird green stuff and go for a jog. That’s not our bag; we do the GOOD stuff. And this includes balance which goes like this: Like bread? Eat it. Eat REAL bread. Not stuff filled with no end of crap to keep it on the shelf for weeks, (fluff bread as we like to call it). Go for real bread and you’ll be satisfied quicker, likely to eat less and feel benefit from the nutrients. Like cake? Eat it. Eat QUALITY cake. If you’re going to have extra calories, make them bloody count. You are allowed to treat yourself. Eating a slice of cake does not make you a failure. Aspire to save the planet? Start small. Make one small change every day / week or month. Break your goals down into manageable chunks and you’ll be more likely to achieve them. Want to be fitter? Start slowly. Park your car further away. Take the stairs. Go for a walk every day / every two days. One thing we will be doing here, is highlighting products we’ve actually had all along (that you may have missed) and fall neatly into the ‘healthy’ camp. Things like our sourdough, where we’ll help you to understand how it’s ‘healthier’ for your gut. And other stuff that won’t be to everyone’s taste, like beetroot juice (*spoiler alert – it makes you pee pink) and apple cider vinegar with mother. Whatever approach you take to the New Year, you can guarantee we’re all over the holistic shizzle to help you stay happy and healthy.


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