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Hands up if you’ve started this week filling your cupboards with all kinds of weird stuff (you’re not quite sure whether you should drink, wear or shower with), to emerge from January as a shiny new you. Or maybe you’re just given up carbs (namely bread), in a bid to get back into your skinny jeans and flip flops?

Ok people. It’s time for some straight talking.

If you’re looking to do something healthy this year, EAT SOURDOUGH. It’s as simple as that. We’re not talking ‘fake sourdough’ – the stuff you find in supermarkets, which by the way is a world apart from traditional artisan sourdough. Fake sourdough contains extra ingredients such as oil, preservatives and yeast, whereas real sourdough is made with just wheat flour and water.

What sets traditional artisan sourdough apart from the fake stuff and other generic bread is that it is made by fermenting flour and water, rather than adding yeast to create a leaven. The fermentation process unlocks B vitamins which help with energy metabolism. Yes folks, you read that right - eating sourdough bread can help your metabolic rate. The sourdough fermentation process can also lead to an increased number of prebiotic and probiotic-like properties, which improve gut health. Good gut health has been found to help with overall immunity, so a big tick if you’re looking to fight colds and other bugs without having to swallow the latest on-trend sludge this year. Studies have also found that the lactic-acid bacteria in sourdough might help moderate allergic responses, inflammation and auto-immune diseases.

For those of you who suspect you may be intolerant to gluten (not to be confused with people who are clinically allergic to it), studies have shown that the consumption of sourdough might help with the digestion of gluten.

So what about our carb dodgers? Sourdough bread has a lower glycaemic index and glycaemic load than white bread and whole-wheat bread that is not fermented, so it helps to keep your blood sugars stable, keeping you fuller for longer. Being fuller for longer helps stop cravings and snacking, so great for weight control.

All is Good Sourdough

Our sourdoughs are freshly baked by The Market Oven Barnsley and crafted to a traditional 24 hour ferment recipe using just flour, water and salt. Prices start at £2.35.

Order yours today to start your tasty, non weird sludge journey to a healthier gut.

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