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Meet the Supplier

You know the drill by now. We always try to source our product range as near to home as possible, to keep our carbon footprint low, (whilst supporting other local small businesses).

And it's always a joy when they oblige in the 'can you supply us without packaging' suggestion.

Quay Ingredients, a small family run herb and spice business located on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, is the latest supplier to hop on the zero waste fun bus.

The business was started in Ilkley in 2000 by Ian and Deana Southworth. Two years later they moved to their present location which is a converted agricultural building situated between Long Preston and Wigglesworth in North Yorkshire. The building was purchased from the Rural Buildings Trust which was set up to convert disused agricultural buildings and bring them back to life for use by small enterprises. The idea behind this approach was to help regenerate agricultural communities and maintain support for rural facilities such as local schools, post offices and of course, the pub.

'Why herbs and spices? Our interest in this area stemmed from us both being keen cooks and our love of food. So we decided to ‘have a go’ and offer an extensive range of the finest quality herbs, spices and ingredients'

From the very best paprika to the most exotic of blends, our extensive Quay range of herbs and spices has been sourced from around the world. All the products are GMO free and contain no artificial flavour, colour or preservative.

We're really proud to be working with Quay and love the inspiration they've given us in creating recipes we share each week.

Don't forget, with our zero waste spice wall, you can buy just what you need. So no wastage. And no spices lurking in your cupboard until you clear them out in the year 2045.

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