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Want / NEED treats the week before pay day? You need a pre - pay All is Good account.

How do I open a customer account? Simply tell us how much you would like to load onto an account and we set you up on our tilling system ready to use immediately* How do I purchase items on account? Just ask at the till, or remotely. We take care of the rest. How will I know my balance? After every transaction we either email or print your receipt, which shows your balance total. What are the benefits of  customer account? Customer accounts are a really convenient way of managing budgets. Paying via an account means you don’t have to carry cash or cards – you can just pop in for lunch / coffee / refills at any time. Fancy booking onto one our events, but can’t get in to pay? No bother – we can book you in and secure your place via your customer account.Want to gift a voucher? Set up an account for the recipient instead and they can spend their gift on whatever they want, whenever they want, in one full transaction….or over lots of transactions. Is my money safe? Absolutely. Your money is your money – not ours. We are regulated by strict laws which protects your consumer rights. You are able to withdraw your balance at any time, with 48 hours’ notice* What is a 10% uplift and how do I get it? Until the end of January we are raising money for a sustainable delivery bike via the crowdfunding platform Crowd0. If you would like to be part of this, helping us to create a local delivery scheme and one new full time job, you can make a ‘pledge’. The money you pledge is put into your account and we add 10% as a thank you*.

So pledge £100 and your account opening balance will be £110.

*accounts set up via our Two Wheels Crowdfunding Campaign may take up to 48 hours to become active.

*accounts set up via our Two Wheels Crowdfunding Campaign are not eligible for refund as they form part of a crowdfunding campaign pledge. *10% uplift up to the maximum amount of £30

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