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When we said we're DONE growing...

Updated: May 9

It meant we've NOT DONE growing. And here we are bursting with excitement* aka petrified to announce, a brand new chapter for All is GOOD. We are expanding!

When our lovely neighbours SPA 493 announced they would be moving up the road and asked the question 'would you be interested in taking our unit?' we of course, like any sane normal person, said 'no way'.

But. Like grown ups we thought about it (for a nono second), and declared that 'yes we would very much like to take the unit'

This isn't just about growing bigger; it's about growing with our community. We've heard your requests for more workshops, a wider range of gifts, and a space that fosters connection. So, we took those ideas to heart and are thrilled to unveil our plans for the future.

More Space, More Opportunities

Our new 'extension' (we're knocking a doorway through to merge the two units into one) will offer a significantly larger space, allowing us to:

  • Host Pop-Up Shops: We'll be dedicating a portion of our space to feature local businesses. Whether it's a talented jeweller, a passionate baker, or a creative clothing designer, we want to provide a platform for them to showcase their work and connect with you directly.

  • Expand Our Workshop Offerings: We'll be hosting a wider variety of workshops throughout the day. We hope to have something for everyone to learn and create. Stay tuned for a full workshop schedule coming soon!

  • Expand our Creator Collective: We know how much you love to support local talent and we have fast become the place to be for quirky, unusual and thoughtful gifts. With the extra space, we will be able to welcome more creators into the All is GOOD collective, giving you more choice and a more comfortable shopping experience.

  • Offer a Bike & Pushchair Park: We will be setting aside a space in the 'extension' for the secure park up of bikes and prams, allowing you to browse with the confidence that your belongings are safe.

Why We Support Local

We believe in the power of community. Local businesses are the backbone of our neighbourhoods, and we're passionate about supporting their dreams. By providing a platform for them to sell their products, we can all discover unique treasures and build a stronger local economy together.

What This Means for You

This expansion is all about creating a space that inspires, connects, and empowers. We can't wait to welcome you to our bigger home, where you can:

  • Shop from a curated selection of products, including those from amazing local businesses.

  • Learn a new skill or explore a creative passion in one of our engaging workshops.

  • Connect with fellow community members and build lasting relationships.

  • Actually get a place on our exceptionally popular wine nights and evening events (we will have moire capacity).

  • Book a baby shower, or private party.

Stay Tuned!

We'll be sharing sneak peeks, workshop announcements, and pop-up shop details in the coming weeks. We hope to be have the 'extension' completed by the first week in August. If you are a local creator, or business interested in hosting a pop up shop or workshop, please do get in touch. Right. Overalls on.......

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Karen Parkes
Karen Parkes
May 10

Would you be interested in offering language lessons? I teach Italian, Spanish and Portuguese!! Karen

May 12
Replying to

Sounds great! Drop us a quick email at and we'll get back to you with some info.

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