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Coffee is Good at All is Good (of course it is)

You know the saying 'if I had a pound for every time.....'

But we waited.....

And waited.....

And waited.....

You see for us, the game plan has always included coffee. But we were also determined to firmly root ourselves as retail first and cafe never.

Nope no sir - ee. There's plenty of blinkin' lovely cafes in Penistone, to satisfy your cooked brekkie hankering, or your gluten free lunch feast. You really don't need another....

We ARE a DELI - REFILL - GIFT shop, where from Wednesday you can pick up a GOOD GOOD coffee while you mooch, admire the picture wall, or tootle off on your merry way. That shop sign aint changing.

If you want to grab a piece of cake, or a butty or anything from the deli to accompany your drink - feel free. If the workshop tables are empty and you want to take the weight off - go for it. You are very welcome.

One last thing.

You know how we say all is GOOD at All is GOOD. Well that's because we let the GREAT people do their GREAT stuff. Coffee is GOOD will be run by Jamie - a trainer of Barista's, who absolutely lives and dreams amazing coffee. Coffee is Good at All is Good opens Wednesday 21st September and will operate flexible hours, which we will let you know in advance. For next week 10am - 3pm every day including Sunday. Ps - if we'd have had that quid, we'd be well minted....

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