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Happy Birthday All is Good

They say time flies when you're having fun. Not joking were they?

This week, myself and Leanne find ourselves 12 months down the road, wondering what the hell just happened. Our initial two-year game plan of slow and steady growth lasted all of four months.


That sensible, grown up shizzle was replaced with a frantic canter, (nay gallop), towards ownership of mahoosive shop; now with coffee (we are NOT a cafe). Smack bang in the middle of a cost of living crisis.

Honestly, these days we meander between opening electricity bills with one eye shut and the cake counter armed with (refill) gin.

If anyone were to ask us what the highlight of the past twelve months has been, they'd probably hear one of the following: 'That Saturday when we nearly launched a full cheesecake on the floor and Karen wept hysterically whilst we juggled it between us like bloody clowns'

'That day when we gormlessly realised that the amazing business they were talking about at an awards ceremony'.

So here we are. A proper business with two women wearing big girl pants, pretending to be grown ups.

Happy Birthday to us.

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