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Life happens....

Sometimes even the best laid plans go belly up.

There you are, minding your own business, when BAM the stars align to create what us northerners call, a 💩 show. In the space of just a few weeks our Two Wheels crowdfunding campaign went from ticking along nicely, thank you very much, to grinding to a fat full stop.

Why? Unfortunately, due to serious health issues our delivery man needs to take a step back for a while. So we stopped campaigning. Without boring you, it's all about timing, ensuring that we can start earning from our investment from the off. This is due to the way we crowdfund, where customers keep their pledge money, with a 10% bonus (ie: pledges are not 'gifts'). It's essential to raise capital from the investment as soon as we can. So we decided it best to call it quits.

What Now? We are officially declaring the Two Wheels campaign closed, however as most customers have started to spend on (or already spent) their accounts, we have decided to honor the 10% uplift on open accounts as a thank you. Any customers who have pledged on the Two Wheels campaign*, not spent anything and would like their funds returned, will receive the original pledge amount - (minus the 10% uplift).

What Next? So, you may be wondering where we go from here. Are deliveries going to be a thing? Well, yes. At some point this year, we hope to launch our fully sustainable delivery scheme. know us...... More???? It just so happens that when you're a believer of 'things happen for a reason'...often the reason kind of lands in your lap. WE HAVE SOMETHING BIG (SO BIG) in the pipeline. And if this comes off (we literally have every dangly thing crossed) - all the pledge money will be ploughed into it. (Because THIS may cost us a wee bit...eeeek). We are hoping to be able to share our next steps by the end of February. Honestly, Mildred you DON'T want to miss this one......

*Refunds applicable to the Two Wheels Campaign only

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