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DRUM ROLL PLEASE......the wait is over....

Introducing our Go BIG be BETTER Campaign

Finally we can tell you what we've been working on his past few weeks..... We're looking for our very own GREEN DRAGONS to bring YOU the best refill shop in the North!

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to make our refill and zero waste area bigger, better, more accessible and user friendly!

All is Good is jointly owned by me, Karen and my long suffering friend Leanne. We like to think we’re the perfect combo. Whilst I’ve owned and managed various sustainable food businesses for over 18 years, including an organic veg box scheme, café, farm shop and deli. Leanne has spent many years managing finances. I spend the money. She balances the books.

All is Good opened in October 2021 with a tiny area dedicated to refill and zero waste lines. Having tried (and mostly failed) to generate a demand for eco-friendly products in the past, we were apprehensive about how people would feel about a ‘new way’ of doing things. We needn’t have worried. Demand for refill and zero waste was so high, we’d tripled in size within 6 months of opening!

The appetite for sustainable, closed loop products has continued to go from strength to strength. It’s fantastic, but not without issues. We honestly feel we can do much more, so as many people as possible can lead a more sustainable way of life.

The Green Dragon Plan

When you’re onto a good thing, you can't stand still for long.

But right now small business cashflow is tight. This is why we’re asking you for your support. We're aiming to raise 18k through customer pledges, which will be fully redeemable against future purchases, alongside bonus rewards, discounts and treats.

If we reach our target...

Working in partnership with Fill Refill, our certified B Corp closed loop supplier, we’ll replace our 20L drums with 200L barrels and extend the range to include more of what you would like to buy, such as rinse aid and raw cleaning soap.

We’ll extend our zero-waste dried food dispensers, to improve the range and availability.

We’ll extend our reduced waste, frozen food range.

We’ll reconfigure our refill and zero waste area, to improve wheel chair and pushchair accessibility.

Why? Improving our sustainable area into a more user friendly self service one, will encourage more people to try refilling, which ultimately means less single use plastic sales.

Three cheers for that. 200L barrels make refilling so much easier for customers and families can refill together.

Myself and Leanne feel we owe it to the younger generation to embrace and promote a new ‘normal’.

Increasing our self-serve dried food dispensers will mean reduced sales of over packaged stuff, in sizes nobody actually wants (or needs). That means less waste.

Happy dance for that.

Reducing OUR Carbon Footprint

Buying household products in 200L barrels and dried foods in bulk, will reduce OUR carbon footprint. Every 200L barrel delivery we buy, will cut out 9 x 20L drum courier journeys . Our aim is to initially replace 13x20L containers. So in total each month, approximately 117 less cardboard boxes will be used too. Each 5kg of bulk mixed nuts we buy, will cut out 25 cellophane bags, one cardboard box and one sheet of plastic over wrap.

Lower Costs If we’re buying in bulk, we make wholesale savings which we get passed on to you. We want to make sustainability financially viable to as many people as we can.

Everything Refill / Zero Waste As well as extending our zero waste dried food range to include more of the staples you really want, we think the possibilities for refill are endless. We already do refill gin and oils, but how about soft drinks, sauces, chutneys, jams, nut butters and more?

Going for Gold

If we’re lucky enough to exceed our target we will:

  • purchase more Fill Refill barrels in multiple fragrances

  • purchase an additional freezer, for more loose frozen fruits / veg and sustainable meal solutions

  • purchase a refill alternative milk station


In return for joining our mission to be the best sustainable shop on your doorstep, we're offering some really generous rewards. Pledge as much or as little as you like, secure in the knowledge that our backers CrowdO will safely process your investment, which will be fully redeemable against eveything at All is GOOD. There is no time limit on how long you have to spend your pledge, which makes it a great option for Christmas budgeting too.

We love that we’ll be able to pay everyone back, in full, through products and rewards. It will be our way of saying thank you for believing in, and supporting, our green business. It’s a win-win for everyone and we are very excited about this development.

How to Join Our Mission

Our campiagn goes live on 13th June, when we'll update our site with a direct link to securely pledge your chosen level of investment. Please note: Pledge amounts will not be taken from your account, unless we meet our target of £18k.

Pledge amounts will be added to a secure personal account, which will be redeemable in store with no expiry date.

Full terms and conditions will be available to view on the Crowd0 website. Thank you for taking the time to read about our campaign. We hope you're going to love being part of a sustainable, local business determined to do things differently to help make the future brighter. Let the countdown commence........

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