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Elephants Be Gone

Oh joy. Another day. Another headline.....

'inflation hike due to food price increases'.

It's the elephant in the room for many small and perhaps some large businesses (well those who give a hoot). The silent intakes of breath, the tut tut and the not so silent....

Bleedin' Nora. That's gone up a bit.

Let's face it, the past few years have been 'tricky'. And, as a fairly 'new' business like many others, we're easy prey for the clappers yard. Let's just get one thing straight here.

The clappers yard aint an option. We're fighting back with our fair price policy (the one we've had since day one). Without sounding all corporate, what that means is that we have calculated a margin we have to charge at to survive. We stick to that margin, regardless of what we 'can' or 'should' charge. It's why, when we're told a product is more expensive in the supermarket around the corner, we don't pull out the antiquated price gun and hike everything up a quid. We just smile.

Take our sourdough bread, for example. Where else (in this area) you can get a 24 hour ferment, large hand made loaf, made under 8 miles away, for under three quid? Yeah, not many places.

So yes, some prices are going up, but you can trust us when we say any discounts or offers will be passed straight on to you. Elephants be gone.

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