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Keeping it Local

Question: If All is Good closed tomorrow what would you be most proud of?

We've been asked that little gem several times.

No really, we've been asked it several times. Gotta love a bit of old fashioned British optimism. It's pretty simple and won't change. Answer: The relationships we've formed with local producers. The strength we've gained and continue to build through working together instead of against eachother.

Until you start really looking, it's hard to understand, or appreciate the enormity of the talent under your nose.

We see it every day at All is Good and boy are we proud to showcase it. And the best bit? These are normal folk. Normal folk who've taken the brave step of jumping off the rat race and turned their hands to being creative. I'll tell you a funny story.

About 16 years ago when I worked for the police, I had a lovely Sergeant called Dave.

Dave ran the tuck shop.

We all loved Dave.

Fast forward to last year. In walks a bloke clutching a load of pretty perfumes, creams and what not. It's the husband of our amazing producer Vicky, from the Pretty Little Treat Co.

I look at him. He looks at me.

It's only chuffin' Dave.

Turns out Dave's a talented maker of all things pretty.

Who knew??

Well. You all do now. And Dave, we're dead proud to have you.

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