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Reducing Waste one Jar at a time

Hands up if you have out of date herbs languishing at the back of your cupboards. The little jars you bought for that special recipe, used one tablespoon and never touched again...


I'm ashamed to admit that during my last herb cull, I discovered stuff over two years out of date. (And I like to think of myself as a 'from scratch' cook). Truth is, I can't remember half of the recipes I bought the herbs for and even if I could, it would be a hard slog to get through a full jar before the contents were past their best.

Here at all is GOOD we like to keep ourselves busy thinking up ways to reduce waste. Bingo.

Introducing our newest initiative - zero waste herbs and spices. Yep, you can now buy just the amount you need, loose straight from our big jars. Bring your own containers (old herb pots work well) or use our eco - friendly bags. Zero waste herbs and spices are a win-win. You get just the amount you need, whilst all the while reducing the production of unnecessary packaging and preventing the waste of stale products. We're open Monday - Friday until 4pm, Saturdays until 5pm and Sunday until 4pm.

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