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Refill Oils

It's was all systems go last week, as we hit the scary Mary button on our extension plans. We've an enormous mountain to climb, but today we've finalised the start of our refill oil area. Bring A Bottle

From May1st bring your own bottle to refill, or buy one of ours for future use. Refillable oil can be purchased in amounts from 100ml upwards, helping you to balance your budget whilst reducing waste.

Yorkshire Rapeseed

We're chuffed to announce that we'll be stocking Yorkshire Rapeseed from our favourite producers Charlie & Ivy. Charlie & Ivy rapeseed oil is cold pressed - this means that no heat or chemicals have been used to extract the oil from the seed. They cold press the Yorkshire seed only once, ensuring the very best quality product containing the maximum amount of flavour and goodness for you.

Refill rapeseed oil will start at 65p/100ml.

Aeithalis Eco Friendly Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We'll also be stocking award winning sustainably harvested extra virgin olive oil, from the Kalamata region of Greece. Did you know that the majority of olive oil made in Europe is blended with lots of different varieties often with very old olives, to keep costs down?

UK based brothers William and Llias only grow one type of olive (The Koroneiki). Once they've sold their annual harvest they don’t buy more in from elsewhere. Hand harvested, bird friendly and farm bottled, this oil is delivered to us as part of an eco friendly closed loop system. Refill extra virgin olive oil will start at £1/100ml.

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