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Spilling the Beans

(1) 'build it and they will come'. We did it. They came.

(2) 'go big or go home'. We are. It's not home time yet.

We've stuck our toes in the scary water, to see if All is GOOD really is all that good.


It is.

SO.....time for our full on DIVE BOMB.

We've just signed a 5 year lease for the full retail unit we currently share...eek...! ***Really important*** Orca are staying - we're swapping sides and they're downsizing their showroom. Not going to lie; our plans are pretty damn terrifying. BUT if life has taught us one thing over the past few years, it's that you should grab it by the short and curlies.

With more room to fill with GOOD things here's what you have to look forward to:

  • A larger FILL area, with new stuff like floor cleaner, bathroom cleaner and the RAW range which includes refillable eco friendly products such as bicarb and rosewater.

  • A dedicated eco friendly household area.

  • Zero waste refill oils - including Rapeseed and Olive Oil.

  • Zero waste chutneys, jams and sauces.

  • Double - yep at least double, the number of gravity dispensers we currently have (with really great prices). So we'll have room for loose pastas, more rice and grains and LOADS more herbs and spices.

  • A freezer rammed with things NOT wrapped in plastic. Pizza dough, croissants, berries....

  • A wider fresh deli range.

  • A help yourself take away salad counter.

  • MORE amazing local artisan gifts, crafts, art, flowers and plants.

  • Room for producer tasting, workshops and more.

It has to be said that we wouldn't be doing this without you. Your support and love for what we are trying to achieve has been off the scale. Thank you! With luck we'll be bringing all this to you by the beginning of May. Right....time for a stiff drink....

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