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Supplier Focus - Punjaban Curry Sauces

I first met Punjaban Gurj when I was Retail Manager for a large farm shop. He wasn't your average company rep going through the motions.


What presented was a guy oozing with product passion. He was animated, funny and adamant that his traditional Punjabi sauces are the best curry sauces.

Gurj is my type of person and not just because we're birthday twins (though granted, there's a fair few years between us...). After all, if you don't believe in your products, how can you ever sell them? This is pretty much how Punjaban came about. Gurj a uni student, convincing his mates to buy his mums sauce, for his beer kitty (they didn't take much convincing by the way. Once you've tasted these delicious sauces, you'll understand). Punjaban Curry Sauces are a tale of family teamwork. Mum Charlie and Gurj working tirelessly together, at the forefront of their growing company, whilst sharing great hints and tips to customers.

We're really chuffed to announce that Gurj is joining us on 26th November for sampling. He's also bringing some fab gift hampers - perfect pressies for the curry lovers in your life. Come and meet him to be convinced that Punjaban Curry Sauces are the best curry sauces. End of.

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