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Here's a question... Why open a SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS in sleepy Penistone?

Before it was even a thing, Karen was passionate about 'doing her bit' for sustainability. Not in a whoo whoo kind of way... More in a small changes reap big rewards, kind of way. Starting with delivering organic veg boxes in 2005, she gradually expanded to zero waste in the various businesses she owned and worked.

Getting folk interested wasn't the easiest of journeys. It started ok in 2005, fizzled a bit at the half way point, then went BANG!! (just after the Australian fires) in 2019 - 2020. Suddenly, people understood the implications of global warming, which then intensified during the pandemic.

By the time the country was opening back up post lock down, both Karen and business partner Leanne had seen enough to be determined to make a difference. Right on their doorstep. Which is why Penistone became the chosen location for their sustainable dream All is GOOD. Having previously struggled to convince folk to hop on the eco friendly waggon, they knew they must offer more. And be more. They needed to be accessible and appeal to everyone, regardless of income, age, sex or creed. And that's why LOTS of GOOD stuff ended up under the All is GOOD umbrella; stuff that is local, or non air freight with full provenance and sustainability. The plan worked. Within 6 months the tiny refill area at the back of a shared unit had tripled in size......the appetite for making a change was REAL.

We're proud to support and champion so many small producers. We love that customers love it too. They come to us for a sandwich, or slab of cake and see how easy being sustainable is whilst they're in the shop. They can literally fill up their tummies and washing up bottles in one trip.
So, what is the All is GOOD Mission?
  • We want to make a difference in the world. We believe it all starts on our doorstep. By opening a sustainable business, we hope to encourage others to make a positive impact on the world. On our first day of trading back in 2021, we sold nearly 50 bottles of refill hand soap. That's 50 plastic bottles saved. And if only 50% of those were subsequently refilled, 25 more were saved every time the refill customers needed more soap. Back then, people were washing their hands a LOT. So you can see how the savings spiral. In a GOOD way....

  • We want to save you (and us) money. Zero waste and closed loop practices lead to reduced costs. Put simply, buying what you need, rather than what you're forced to in pre-packed goods, saves both money AND waste.

  • We want this generation and the next to adapt to a new and better way of living. We owe it to our children to put right some of the wrongs we've inflicted on the planet. The enormity of the task is HUGE, but we have to start somewhere. We want to encourage people to start small. Not to be overwhelmed and give up. Consistency, practicality and accessibility is key.

  • We want to actively support other sustainable businesses to spread our impact further.

We're proud to say that ALL is GOOD supports FILL Refill, a 'B Corporation'. B Corporations are businesses that meet high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Being a B Corporation means that FILL Refill are committed to making a positive impact on the world, and it's something that we're very proud of.
And the next step?
Fair to say the past few years have been tough for everyone but regardless, people are hungry to make small lifestyle changes, to help mend the planet. We're determined to sieze the day to be even BETTER. We're determined to reach MORE people. We're determined to be MORE accessible. We're determined to spread the word FURTHER And that's where YOU can this space....

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